05 March 2007

All Things Andrew

Yes, folks, today is Andrew's 27th birthday. And as you can see, he's ready for it. Fifteen years ago, when he was a wee lad of 12, some honorable scotsman of the Glenlivet distillery decanted the very scotch you see here today. Fifteen years of maturation, both of the scotch and of Andrew, have resulted in a smooth, aromatic and amber toned body. Coincidentally, they both are characterized by desirable legs. His birthday wish would be to relax by the fire with his lass, surrounded by the comforts of a silk ascot, seasoned pipe and aged scotch, but he will instead celebrate with yet another day of work. Ah well, the life of a hardworking scotsman.

But there are good things to come. Andrew made some birthday purchases to prepare for his upcoming trip to the Rockies. His waterproof, breathable, 5 point lightweight Titanium jacket, with radial venting system, performance hood, multifunctional pockets and adjustable powder skirt will help him to navigate the treacherous bunny slope he imagines as an Olympic mogul course (shhh... don't tell him). And while his anti-glare polarized lenses might protect those baby blues from the glare off the snow, we're hoping they'll be just as effective against the glares of appalled skiers as Andrew attempts the fastest snowplow known to humankind.

So, as you can see, our birthday boy is quite diverse in his talents and interests. From decanters of single malts to double black diamonds, this guy is all about simple pleasures and extreme endeavors. Here's to many more years of adventure! Happy birthday Andrew!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I didn't realize that you shared a birthday with one very refined Pierre Rocheleau (my dad). It's a good day. Amy, great to see that the blog is up and running. I'm loving it!

Anonymous said...

Ah laddy!! It seems we've made a small contribution to the literary world (and I do mean small!!!) by announc'n the birth of yourself!!

Happy Birthday lad and I'll be look'in forward to run'n over to the bunny trails to give ya a wee shout of encouragement, not to mention the real fun when will be dragg'n ya up to the top, fill'n full of 'Glenlivet Bravery' and givn'n ya a wee push!!!

Here's to be an older and wiser! (Say hallo to the wee lass for me...)

Mr. Wonderful!!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! It's crazy to think you're 27 already (that means that I am almost 27...creepy)! You also share a birthday with Steve...It seems that early June is a very hopping time for our predecessors.
I'm so glad to hear from you guys! It sounds like you're doing wonderful and you still have that great sense of humor we all love. I hope to be able to come and visit the newest Daigle home sometime in the near future (if the invite hasn't expired).
Miss you and love you guys!
Enjoy your bday, Andrew!

David said...

Hello all. Hey Andrew, do ski lessons come with that new schmancy jacket? Anywho, while I am far away from my family I am truly in love with CO. As I sit at work and look across the showroom of Civic's (wishing I was in the other building looking across M5's and M6's) my view is to the west and of the beautiful mountains. Little bit of a dry spell here this past week, but the weather sites say in jargon hard to grasp: El Nino is on the way out...the high pressure will move off and bring in the lows with snow from the pacific by the time ya'll get out here. (Andrew read: "crossed tips and face full of snow"). Excited to see you all.

The Process said...

Happy Birthday Andy, we love you!

N B & lil' S

Sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am the horrible in-law that has misplaced your contact info. I gave your brother my cell phone to take on his rompings through Bean-town so I expect that he at least gave you a call. None the less I thought of you often and hoped you enjoyed your day, which judging by the pictures it appears you did.
Looking forward to talking with you soon...Sarah

Karen said...

Love the photos! Revel in those simple pleasures... Happy Happy Day!
Love You...

Jed and Anne said...

damn...sorry about missing your birthday daigle. you have to tell me these things. I'm always up for a little Scottish fellowship...you know what i mean.