26 March 2007


Every good relationship needs a change of pace, something new and exciting, and possibly even a break. Nothing could be truer about our relationship with Chicago. As much as we love city life, we can always use a good dose of fresh air, light traffic and views for miles. So, last weekend, Andrew and I met my parents in Colorado to visit my brother, Dave. He moved there last summer and is pretty much enamored with all that CO has to offer: skiing, biking, hiking, mountain air and open spaces. It was great to visit with him, experience his life and friends, and partake in some of his favored activities. We had a great time and here are the pictures to prove it:

Photos 1&2: A long awaited test drive in a Cooper S
Photo 3: Skiing at Copper
Photos 4&5: Performance go-kart racing (they can reach 60 mph)!
Photos 6&7: Red Rocks
Photo 8: Dave's dog, Elsa


The Process said...

Andrew looks like such a mountain man!

sarah said...

Looks like you ALL had a good time, glad to see. Hope the time with family was fun and refreshing. I can only imagine the comments Mike had about Andrew's facial hair...