02 April 2008


Although spring has continued to resist making a 2008 debut, Andrew has made his formal entrance into the world of landscape design. Yesterday was his first day at his new job with Topiarius, a landscape design company. Topiarius is a Latin word for ornamental landscape gardener, from which we get the word topiary. His primary task will be leading the crews responsible for the installation and implementation of the designs. We are both looking forward to the opportunities and experiences this position will afford him, not the least of which include being outdoors, building things, learning more about plants and landscaping, playing in the dirt, working for a small company (he is 1 of 4 on the team), getting a rock star suntan (or burn more likely), and most of all, getting the chance to use his artistic talents and skills in a new way. He has already been able to use his eye for design in combination with his experience at the Field Museum to offer new perspectives and suggestions. I have no doubt that Andrew will be a great addition to this company. I'm excited to see what they will create! Here are some samples from Topiarius's design portfolio:


Sarah said...

Andrew, you lucky dog! I'm really proud of you for this new venture and look forward to all you will learn and all the ways you will serve your new company!

Dahling, want to come over and draw up a little something for our backyard? It's in desperate need of your vision...and daddy's.

karen said...

Fun! I have to reiterate Sarah's sentiments. I am so proud of you, Andrew, and your creativity. I just love flowers and such, I just never do anything with it outside. Gordon usually handles our landscaping (which is non-existent at the moment). Maybe this will inspire us to get out there and play in the dirt too! love you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Andrew! I know you will do a FANTASTIC job for them. Outdoor work is my "cup of tea"!!
Love you both,